BARK has been working with Surftech for over 20 years to build our paddleboards in the new technology, and helping us get our boards out worldwide. These boards have been our go-to for our paddlers, making traveling to races easy to get right back on “their” boards that they are used to paddling year round.

To order contact Joe or Surftech.


Commander 14’

Based off the proven winner, the 14' Commander has come to define the prone paddleboard racing scene since its introduction 7 years ago, setting world records at the Molokai-2-Oahu and Catalina Classic and dominating every race in between. With comfortable knee wells, built in chest rise and integrated rail handles, the Commander is designed to give every level of paddle the perfect tool for their prone paddling experience on any body of water.


Commander 12’ Pro Elite

The Bark Commander Prone Paddleboard is the undisputed best paddle board in the world with more world titles, championships and world records than any other board. The bullet nose, stiletto-esq bottom contours, consistent curves makes the board look fast sitting still, combined with the ergonomic concave deck puts the paddler in the board, giving maximum drive and glide over any distance.

*** From 135 to 190 lbs.



The SPRINTER GHOST CARBON is stable and fast in the flats, with handles in the front at the mid-ship, along with rail handles on both sides to give you the best grip for those that sprint up the beach. For riding waves or competing in lifeguard surf races, this is the light, fast, and responsive board for you.


The BARK Commander is the undisputed best paddle board in the world with more world titles, championships, and world records than any other prone paddleboard on the market. Now in the drop stitched Air Travel construction you can take your favorite paddle board with you whether it be to continue training on the road, or simply to take your paddling adventures to new arenas in alpine lakes, rivers, or other waterways that have previously been inaccessible to the prone paddling community. This board gives you the same bullet nose, bottom contours, and consistent curves that make this board look fast sitting still.