Zanes' New ECOBOARD Quiver


We recently teamed up with EcoBoard to set up Zane Schweitzer with a new quiver for 2019. We spoke with him on why he wanted these boards, and why this technology!

-Why all these different boards?
”Success is when preparation meets opportunity. So it’s really nice to rock up to the beach on any day not only being confident in our own abilities but also allowing that confidence to translate into my equipment. Just as a golfer has the right club for any shot, having a quiver of boards like this allows me to be ready for a variety of waves and conditions!”

What is this sustainable technology?

”Last year in 2018 I approached uncle Joe sharing my interest to use more ocean friendly materials for my quiver of big wave boards. Most my crafts including the boards I compete on the world tour with are already EcoBoards, so I am confident in many of these new innovations in sustainable surf technologies and they are proving to be at the forefront of our new generation in high performance surf sports. Not only are these  performing at world class levels but they are sharing the importance for us surfers to take responsibility for our personal environmental impact. As a surfer who likes to work hands on with shapers, these materials are much more comfortable to work with as they are not nearly as harmful for our health.  
All these new boards for my 2019 quiver are Level One ECOBOARDS, made with Bioscience resin from Resin Research!”

Where are you going to be surfing these boards? 
”The biggest boards in this quiver 8’8”- 10’7” will be called to action for XXL days 15-20ft+ at Pe’ahi, Waimea and other spots right at home, along with Mavericks, Nazare and Pico Alto to name a few locations around the world. My step up range from 6’2”-8’ will be the boards I ride on the rising swell anywhere from Pipeline and Puerto Escondito, to Teahupoo and Honolua Bay on waves anywhere from 3-15ft Hawaiian. The Longboard will be my go to board for those days I feel like staying busy in small waves and working my footwork. All these boards vary in not only size, but as well the style they are ridden with! For 2019 I plan to use my Bark Boards in competition at Pe’ahi for the Ultimate Waterman Competition. I’ll also be making my first appearance to the WSL Big Wave World Tour events with hopes to qualify! 
There’s another big wave paddle in and/or tow surf event I’ve been invited to this year in Oregon and Spain. 

Aloha and Mahalo,
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer”

We’re pretty stoked on how these boards came out, and can not wait to see the waves Zane will be riding on them very soon.