Matt Becker at Mavericks

Mavericks went off last week, and Matt Becker was ready for it. He ended up getting a few big bombs. This is what he said about the historical day of surfing.

"December 20th was such a heavy day. It was a dark gloomy day, with a ton of action packed into it. There was so much going on with skis, drones, and tons of boats and spectators out there all to watch and support some of the most progressive big wave surfing I've seen. We pulled up in the early morning and the first wave we saw was some poor guy straightening out on 25 footer. There was good, clean, consistent big surf all day... and the performance level was through the roof. There were so many good surfers and good waves ridden , it's hard to say who stuck out . First to my mind would be Nic Vaughn, Jamie Mitchell, and Shawn Dollar. They snagged the biggest waves of the day in my opinion. Anthony Tashnick, Kyle Thiermann, and Pat Gadauskus all got same insane waves. There was a huge Hawaiian presence this swell also; I watched Francisco Porcello, Shaun, and DK Walsh get some unreal bombs... you wouldn't have ever guessed it was their first session out there."